lampI’ve introduced to install LNMP on Ubuntu last time. Though I think the Linux+NGINX+MySQL+PHP is a perfect solution for VPS, the Linux+ApacheMySQL+PHP is also a good idea when you want to set up your own VPS environment especially when you don’t know much about VPS. Because of the stability & rich tutorials online, the LAMP is a good choose for those who are newbies to VPS.

So here I’d like to tell you how to install LAMP on CentOS 5. I uses the packed LAMP auto installer for example. This will be the easiest way to deploy LAMP on VPS.

Firstly, download and run the auto installer:

tar xf lamp0.4.tar.gz && cd lamp0.4 && chmod +x && ./


Before the installation of LAMP, you will be asked of the MYSQL password. You can also select the PHP and Apache version. Then press any key to start the the process.

Then the whole LAMP environment will be completely installed to your CentOS 5. When the installation finished, you will see the information showed below:


Some command in LAMP:

Them LAMP stack we used has included many useful tools to help you set up your website. These tools let you add or delete domains, ftp users.Please remember the following commands:

lamp add(del,list): Add (Delete or List)  virtual server
lamp ftp(add|del|list): Add (Delete or List) FTP user(s)
lamp uninstall: One click uninstalling LAMP. (Make sure you have data backup)

Module Path:

When you are going to use you LAMP, make sure you know where your applications are placed.

mysql folder: /usr/local/mysql
mysql data path: /usr/local/mysql/data
php location: /usr/local/php
apache location: /usr/local/apache

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