We have a small team running WordPress websites, building WordPress themes, maintaining web hosting. We know everything about WordPress.  If you need the following help,  we’re ready to work for you.

Installing WordPress:  Set up LAMP environment to host Wordpress requirement. Support rewriting for static page, sending email. 【 Mainly for VPS ( LinodeMediaTemple, etc ). 】

MigrationsMove your WordPress. We make sure everything is fully reviewed, backed up, moved carefully, and double checked.

Maintaining: Keep WordPress up-to-date. Fix error. LAMP stack update.

Backup: Backup your files & database to dedicated server.

WordPress Theme Develop: Our team provide WordPress theme customer service.

If you just want to focus on creating content, let us do it all–from development, to security, to site updates, and more!【 Price various for your requirement. 】