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The web hosting performance is always an important factor to build a great website. It helps website generates trust between users or serch engines. No one wants to use a service frequently shut down. Thus, check the performance before purchasing a web hosting should be always keep in mind. Especially for unmanaged VPS, make sure the performance […]

Website speed is critical to build a business success. But sometimes, we just have limited budget for our small website. We are unable to purchase expensive speed up service like CDN. When this happens, how to make website download faster? Choose Nearby web hosting All website data transferring between web hosting and readers’ client need […]

LEMP is short for Linux+Nginx  (pronounced “engine x”) +MySQL+PHP. This is a widely used wordpress webserver stack. This tutorial shows how you can install and run a WordPress blog on a Ubuntu 12.04 system that has LEMP deployed. In this example, I uses linux command to do anything I need. If you haven’t installed LEMP on your VPS, […]